We Ensure a positive, safe, and convenient experience for visitors

CPC Technologies products are designed to deliver the unique configurations and activities that organizations require to meet their personalized security needs of today and tomorrow in a flexible and comprehensive manner.



Today, there is a greater awareness of the need to track occupants entering and exiting buildings as part of increased COVID-19 protocols, but the security risk posed by visitors to buildings is nothing new. Business moves quickly in hybrid workplaces because they are more flexible and visitors can arrive at any time. Maintaining your security and safety protocols while welcoming visitors creates an ideal environment for high-quality work and productivity.


Our Solution

CPC technologies Visitor Management System is Efficient, easy to use, and highly configurable for visitor and contractor management, employee desk booking and office capacity management, and Covid-19 screening all on one secure system.

The main purpose of the product to deliver a superior visitor experience with an industry-leading solution that reduces your security and compliance risk while improving your organization’s brand. And allows you to create a safe and seamless experience for all occupants from invitation to departure.

Our product includes self-service check-in at the reception or security desk, with customized sign-in flows such as touchless check-in using the visitor's own phone, facial recognition, ID/Passport number, mobile number, or QR code.