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CPC Technologies offer next generation of brand protection for supply chains

Traditional measures are no longer sufficient to keep up with increasingly sophisticated counterfeiters. It's time to rethink brand protection. Counterfeit goods are a major issue in the global supply chain. They not only dilute the brand value and divert revenue away from legitimate brands and manufacturers, but they also endanger customers. Many counterfeit goods are of poor quality, and some are even dangerous. The combination of anti-counterfeit blockchain and IoT could be able to eradicate counterfeit goods once and for all.


Counterfeiting affects all consumer products in today's market, creating enormous liability as well as health and safety issues for manufacturers and retailers. The estimated value of counterfeit goods in the global consumer marketplace ranges from $500 - $600 billion at the low end to $1 trillion at the high end, making it the most profitable illegal activity on the planet. While enforcement efforts are primarily focused on the end-user and final delivery, manufacturing-level measures can significantly help prevent counterfeiting. And a major lack of control measures can encourage and support counterfeiters' efforts.

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Our Solution

CPC Technologies solution operation is quite simple. Companies that are concerned about counterfeiting start by embedding NFC tags in their products during production. NFC tags communicate information to operators as goods enter the supply chain, who can read them and store details immutably on the blockchain. The tags are tamper-proof and will issue a warning if any foul play is detected. Later in the supply chain, operators can check tag integrity to confirm the product's condition. They can take action to prevent a problem from entering circulation if one exists.

Anti-counterfeiting solutions from CPC Technologies are tailored to your specific product type. However, several best practices apply to all product types and should be included in your anti-counterfeiting program.

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These include:

  • 1. Collaborating with trustable vendors and partners.
  • 2. Checking the legitimacy of raw materials and components.
  • 3. Monitoring and inspecting goods shipments to ensure quantity and authenticity.
  • 4. Production waste management and the disposal of damaged and unusable goods.
  • 5. Creating exit and wind-down procedures.

What are the key benefits?

  • 1. Helping to reduce the risk of financial loss, liability, and safety issues associated with counterfeit products throughout your supply chain.
  • 2. Maintaining brand image and reputation through authentic products in the marketplace.
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