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With the creation of a large number of digital documents such as educational certificates, birth/death certificates, driving licenses, health records, employee service records, sale deed/property registration records, MOU/agreements, and so on, the need for securing and managing documents is becoming increasingly important in the world of digitization. Paper's and hard copy's inefficiency is also being felt across organizations.

Secure Document As a Service Challenges


CPC Technologies Secure Document as a Service (Blockchain) not only improves data availability and integrity but also provides transparency at the transaction level. Because hashes of documents are stored digitally, document storage becomes more scalable and takes up less space. Security, monitoring, and the ability to prove the existence of a document on a specific date and time without revealing its content have all improved.

CPC Technologies offers a solution that makes e-document storage simple and provides 100 percent document availability anywhere and at any time. We've also preserved the document's genuine by verifying it and preventing it from being tampered with by a third party.

Silent Product features -

  • 1. Security in terms of vital data integrity, authenticity, and epoch.
  • 2. Seamless Authentications.
  • 3. It is not necessary to submit documents in person.
  • 4. The platform securely stores and maintains the hash of digital artifacts. Receipts include the hash as well as an embedded QR code that can be used for future verification.
  • 5. After verifying with blockchain details, a dashboard is used to indicate whether there is a match or a mismatch.
  • 6. Resistant to Malware.
Secure Document As a Service Solutions

Benefits of Secure Document as a Service (Blockchain)

  • 1. More Consistent Content.
  • 2. More Reliable Backups.
  • 3. Increased Security & Control.
  • 4. Improved Timeliness.
  • 5. Increased Efficiency & File Management.
  • 6. More Consistent Content.
Secure Document As a Service Benefits