Designing a Better Future Transportation


Rapid urbanization and population growth, combined with an increase in air travel, are putting a strain on transportation systems all over the world, creating new demands. Central governments and local governments are increasingly looking to adopt new technologies to ensure that transportation networks are safe, seamless, and reliable. In addition, the global problem of traffic jams is worsening year after year, requiring immediate action to mitigate the environmental and economic consequences.

  • 1. Increasing Fuel Costs.
  • 2. Driver Shortage/Retention.
  • 3. Driver Hours Of Service (HOS).
  • 4. Environmental issues/Compliance.
  • 5. Down time losses.
  • 6. Retain Customer & Grow customer base
  • 7. Quality of service – Key to sustain competition

Our Innovative Solution

CPC Technologies Smart Transportation System is an integrated application of modern technologies and management strategies into transportation systems.

Traffic signalling –

Adaptive traffic signals help to reduce traffic jams and improve traffic flow by controlling when traffic signals change. Sensor signals, as opposed to traditional timed signals, can react to changes in traffic flow quickly and fluidly. The data from these sensors can also be using to send traffic signals, either via smart-connected onboard computers or via direction signalling, to steer vehicles away from traffic jam routes.

Public transport solutions -

The introduction of AI-powered smart public transportation solutions assists passengers in better managing their transit time and safety. This includes real-time information on bus schedules, service disruptions, and estimated arrival times at various stations.

Pedestrian and Bike solutions -

We can improve cyclist and pedestrian safety by connecting cycle paths and sidewalks to other transit using AI solutions. This will encourage more people to walk or cycle, further reducing traffic and pollution.

Vehicle Parking solutions -

Sensors are increasingly being used by city transportation authorities to measure traffic and public transportation, providing data on when and where it is most convenient to park your vehicle. This shortens the time it takes to find a parking space, alleviates congestion, and saves fuel.

Vehicle Infrastructure Technology -

Vehicle-to-infrastructure communication system that allows vehicles to exchange data, respond to one another, and better coordinate their travel. Information sent includes road safety data, traffic congestion data, and weather alerts.

Incredible Smart City Transportation Projects -

Private and public companies, as well as transportation agencies, are increasing their response to smart city policymaking. Indeed, we believe that for cities to become truly smart, we work more closely with outside companies to drive the necessary innovative solutions.

Benefits of CPC Technologies Smart Transportation

  • 1. Better traffic predictions
  • 2. Improved safe driving
  • 3. Enhancing safety and efficiency
  • 4. Real time commuter experience