CPC Technologies Consumer Goods and Services practice is focused on helping clients become high-performance businesses across all segments including food and non-alcoholic beverages alcoholic beverages home and personal care apparel agribusiness and consumer health. We support consumer goods companies seeking large-scale growth major operational efficiencies and workforce transformation. The consumer packaged goods industry is at a crossroads. Given current economic realities these organizations continue to be challenged as they balance gaining share of the consumer's wallet while providing value to the consumer. Faced with pressures from retailers the diminishing impact of advertising as well as competition from high-quality private label offerings many consumer packaged goods organizations are losing critical brand relevance and positioning in the retail battleground.



As the environment for branded consumer packaged goods becomes increasingly difficult volume cash flow and earnings are increasingly stressed. Rethinking innovation priorities transformative cost reductions acquisitive growth and international expansion are the keys to sustainable growth. The ability to make quick and difficult decisions under flexible operating models will become as critical as the execution of meaningful innovation and retailer coordination.

CPC Technologies brings unprecedented experience working with consumer packaged goods companies of all sizes. Our professionals have advised and managed some of the largest organizations in the world. Our experience spans a broad range of food and beverage health and beauty apparel and private label organizations.

Our service to the Consumer Packaged Goods industry includes:

Cost Reduction: CPC Technologies designs immediate and long-term functional improvements and measurement in critical functional areas.

Cost Of Goods: Optimization CPC Technologies Brings Proprietary Models And Spend Analytics To Optimze Specific Cost Of Goods Categories.

Strategy Development: CPC Technologies Provides Implementable Growth-Based Solutions And Models.

Innovation Assistance: CPC Technologies Assists Organizations In The Development Of Workable New Product Extension And Development Capabilities.

Retailer Integration And Measurement: CPC Technologies Provides Retailer Measurement And Integration Developing Cost-Focused Innovation Solutions And Relationship Building Efforts.

Strategic Assistance: CPC Technologies Provides Critical Assistance In Merger Integration Divesture Carve-Out And Restructuring Situations. We Also Study And Implement Environmental Impact Measurement And Capital Investment Strategies.