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Fuel Management System

CPC Technologies fuel management system(IoT) is the ideal way to gain insight into fleet's fuel consumption.

Fuel management systems are becoming increasingly common among fleet managers. Using telematics technology to track fuel usage provides valuable insights and allows you to optimise this valuable asset across the system.

The fuel management system from CPC Technologies allows fleet managers to track fuel usage patterns across their entire fleet. Onboard hardware such as vehicle telematics units, data loggers, sensors, and cameras, as well as an in-office analytics dashboard and fuel management software, make up an automated fuel management system using IoT.

Fuel Management System


  • 1. Loss of fuel during transportation from refineries to fuel bunks.
  • 2. Lack of transparency in the fuel transportation process.
  • 3. Ambiguity in the reason for the loss of fuel.
  • 4. Safety related issues.
  • 5. Information to deal with pilferage and loss.
  • 6. Lack of a configurable and centralized solution.
  • 7. No end-to-end transparency and ambiguity.
  • 8. 25% of losses are caused due to fuel theft.
Fuel Management System challenges

The IoT-Enabled Fuel Management System main focus is on

Ensuring maximum security –

Our Fuel Management System displays all of your fuel data at a glance, along with the corresponding map location and time, so you can spot problems quickly. Reports on fuel transactions by type of fuel, distance travelled, amount spent, and cost.

Cut down on fuel theft –

Customers can analyse minute-by-minute breakdowns of all fuel usage points, percent quantity of fuel stolen, with the exact location and time of fuel theft to support the claim, with a simple and easy UI and detailed historical fuel fill/theft records.

Realtime Alarms & Notifications –

Receive real-time alerts via SMS/App/Email when the fuel level suddenly outweighs the defined limits, allowing you to keep track of and prevent fuel theft and unnecessary filling.

Key Benefits of IoT-Enabled Fuel Management System

  • 1. Allowing fleet managers to track changes in fuel efficiency with high accuracy and in real time, rather than relying on manual reporting and error-prone averages.
  • 2. Provides fleet managers with greater visibility into which of their vehicles are performing better, allowing for more detailed testing of the impact of different equipment on efficiency.