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Investing in the right technology is critical for the safety of your staff, site visitors, and ultimately your company's profitability. While you naturally want your business premises to be as open and welcoming as possible, as well as making it easy for employees and guests to move around the property, you also need to provide optimum security against unauthorized intruders.

Why access control system for maximum protection

You'll need an access control system to help you control movement throughout your facility. You must admit the right people while keeping out the wrong ones. Uncontrolled points of entry, unauthorized access to sensitive areas, and unsupervised visitor access can all be eliminated with a reliable access control system.

Access Control System product

Use case

  • 1. Absence of centralized access control and monitoring system.
  • 2. Absence of centralized access control and monitoring system.
  • 3. In Synchronization, there is no integrated biometric, breath analyzer, or gate open/close system.
  • 4. Insufficient transferability of access control data across branches for enterprises with multiple geographic locations.
  • 5. A lack of smart alerting on deviations in an enterprise's physical access control policies.
  • 6. A lack of route-based access controlling functionality.
Access Control System Use Case


Employee, Personnel, Labour, and Visitor Registration Modules –

Comprehensive step-by-step registration process that collects personal information, biometric/access card information, route/department/zone access mapping information, and shift/plant/branch information. An option to automatically transfer registered data to respective access points. An option to transfer the details of a person from one branch to another.

Device Configuration Module –

For Device Configuration Module, we have RFID Access Card configuration, Access Card Reader/Biometric Reader configuration, Route/Zone/Department Setup, Turnstile/Gate configuration, and Controller configuration.

The module of workflow –

Comprehensive workflow creation module for creating visitor appointments, appointment approval, transferring access data to different sites or locations, alerts and notifications, and escalation process.

Control Center –

A centralized control center to control and monitor all configured devices, alerts and notifications (access violation, access gain), reports and dashboards, a live view of people's strength in the premise, and ongoing physical movement of personnel.

Access Control System Solutions