Distinctive engineering and design are driving leading automotive players to create products that respond to customers’ desires all in an unprecedentedly competitive marketplace. CPC Technologies helps by focusing on competitive differentiation while steering toward value in areas ranging from global manufacturing to after-sales and services to infotainment and mobile integration.


  • 1. Original Equipment Makers (OEMs) Automotive Suppliers
  • 2. Unplugged: Electric vehicle technology realities versus consumer expectations
  • 3. Boiling point? The skills gap in U.S. manufacturing
  • 4. Unwavering commitment: The public's view of the manufacturing industry today
  • 5. Tooling management in the automotive aerospace and heavy equipment environment.

Executives in the automotive industry need to evaluate what cloud computing can do for their business. Asking the right questions is the place to start.

To reach an accurate assessment of cloud’s potential implications for their businesses industry leaders need to take into account the following eight industry-specific trends:

  • 1. The rising importance of automotive electronics
  • 2. The rising importance of emerging markets
  • 3. Industry competition and consolidation
  • 4. Exponentially growing amounts of data
  • 5. Analytics
  • 6. Capabilities and cost reduction
  • 7. Data security
  • 8. Unfavorable externalities and regulations