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The HealthChain Blockchain for Electronic Health Records is a distributed ledger that stores E-Health data.

Medical care has become a crucial part of our lives, and medical data such as prescriptions and previous medical records have become critical components in the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of patients. Medical data was previously stored on paper, which was susceptible to being damaged or altered. As a result, electronic data preservation was required. As a result, we've created Healthchain, a blockchain-based health data privacy scheme. Health analyzers can diagnose at any time and place using health data, and the diagnosis is published as a transaction.

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  • 1. Lack of eligibility and pre-authorization.
  • 2. Verify patient insurance coverage in real-time.
  • 3. Access current health plan information such as the deductible, out-of-pocket maximum, coinsurance, co-pay, limitations, and exclusions.
  • 4. This data gives a snapshot of a person’s health coverage and serves as a starting point for many patient engagements.
  • 5. Manual Claims Submission.
  • 6. Submit claims electronically to the payor, saving time and reducing overhead costs.
  • 7. Improve clean submissions and decrease denials for faster reimbursement cycles.
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CPC Technologies HealthChain is based on a consortium blockchain. Three organizations, namely hospitals, insurance providers, and government agencies, form a consortium that operates under a governance model that enforces the business logic that all participants have agreed to. Every peer node contains an instance of the distributed ledger, which consists of EHRs, as well as an instance of chain code, which governs participant permissions. Designated orders reach an agreement on the EHR order and then distribute blocks to peers. by maintaining the security, privacy, scalability, and integrity of the e-health data. Using the inherent features of the blockchain to develop security solutions against cyber-attacks, and thus contribute to the robustness of healthcare information sharing environments.

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