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HealthyGx product is a high-quality virtual care to all citizens and it can be accessible from anywhere, using cutting-edge technology, with efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. HealthyGx product provides individuals, families, businesses, and communities with integrated telehealth services and medical second opinions. Our team of experts, which includes doctors, specialists, and lifestyle and nutrition professionals, assess medical problems by understanding the patient's symptoms, environment, and medical history, as well as provide medical second opinions, to meet the diverse needs of the community.


The following features can be included in the HealthyGx product we offer.

E-Prescriptions –

E-Prescriptions are prescriptions that are generated electronically and sent directly to the pharmacy from a healthcare facility.

Electronic Medical Record –

Comprehensive computerized medical records with simple search options and a user-friendly interface.

Electronic Appointment Reminde –

Patients receive automatic appointment reminders 24 hours before their appointment. Appointments will now be kept on time!

Advanced Scheduling –

This feature makes it much easier to create new patient lists, schedule multiple appointments, and track patient flow.

Patient Portal –

A dedicated patient portal will make it simple for patients to communicate with clinicians.

Clinic Portal –

This add-on makes clinic management, patient scheduling, and doctor availability much easier.

Insurance claim automation –

An easier way to integrate insurance company details with patient information, reducing the burden of paperwork and facilitating processing.

Inventory management –

This allows you to keep track of stock levels and items distributed to patients. When stocks fall below a certain level, an alarm or a message is triggered.

SMS gateway integration –

Using automated messages, clinicians can stay in touch with patients using SMS gateway integration. A prompt message can be sent to the patient informing them of an upcoming appointment or providing invoice information.

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