Rexo Trading ERP gives you a comprehensive platform with interconnected modules to combat this problems and develops innovative strategies to stay ahead of competition. This helps you to remain competitive in your market and reduce costs to your customers. Being a trader, it is necessary for you to have the right combination of tools and techniques in the system, ideal from receiving orders, planning to shipping and delivering goods to the customers. Rexo ERP for Trading Company understands the complexity involves in the whole business operation and offers you an effective, reliable and secured solution to empower your business with growth and success.


Our software fits to all size of trading businesses offering end-to-end solution to control, organize and trade in the industry effectively. It keeps on track your inventory, enhances production with proper procurement and planning strategies within built in ERP system. System continues capturing record and data logs about products, packaging, shipping and delivery and these reports generated and shared to sales and management in a few clicks.